Wednesday, December 1, 2010

closet conversion!!!

I have been dreaming about this post for a long, long time! Really since we moved into our house I've been scheming a way to get some space to myself and I had that, until my husband got his new job he needed a space at home to have his computer up full time because the shipping business never sleeps! Well, he unintentionally took over my "craft" room which really was an old desk I used to every-other month make something on.

So this summer I formulated a plan which began with me telling my plan to my husband just enough times for him to realize I was serious while at the same time not being too annoying...I don't know if I was or not but I got what I wanted :)

We have a 3 bedroom house. Our room, the little brown room (someday the nursery) and the green/brown room (currently guest room/Annie's new craft room!!). That really is how we refer to them. The little brown room is currently where the desks are and the green/brown room has the guest been and now my very own space. Someday we will have kids and they will eventually move into that room but really, AT A MINIMUM we have 2+ years until we have little ones that are mobile and require space. I mean, hey - we aren't even pregnant yet. So...

I drew my plan out. I suggested we go to Home Depot and conveniently had the whole thing measured out. We bought the supplies. And Viola - the new craft room was born! PS. My husband did get a new tool out of the whole thing - an air compressed nail gun. Yeah for him!!

Enjoy the pictures!!

Before. Our house did not come with closet doors...

During...We measured a desk I liked the height of to get a good height for this desk. I cannot wait to get a new chair (it is next on my list)!

After. Well, after for now. Much, much more to come!

Our closet had this little nook that I thought would be great for shelves. At one point I had this genius idea to make the shelves roll out by putting the same type of mechanism that a keyboard uses on a desk. But then I soon realized that if I did that then I would not even be able to pull them out because the peg board would be in the way. Good thing I realized that before we installed them!


I My handy husband still might add one more shelf but I"m only 5'3" so I'd  either have to stand on something or store rarely used items up there...we'll see.

:) I need to get more peg board hooks!

I LOVE the frame around the peg board. It makes it look really finished.

My little shelf. Husband made.


I have a few more plans in the works as far as additions go. On the right side in the above picture I am going to hang curtain rods to work as ribbon holders. You'll see soon hopefully! To the left of this work station I hope to someday put a Cricut Machine (hint! hint! Santa Parents) and a little shelf to hold fabric. I want to get a chair and hopefully even recover it, as I've never done that. Also I want to make curtains for the room and install some additional lighting. And probably much more that is just all that is on the to-do list now!

I want to figure out the total cost and supply list to see what this really cost because we bought many of the supplies over a week or two's time...maybe I'll do that tonight. I don't think it will be too bad and I won't include my husband's new tool ;-)

Also, I would like to point out we used the old paint from when we painted our house a year ago! We still had it in the garage and the pluses about that are it matches and it was "free".

And a HUGE thanks to my husband. He is really the one who made this happen. Though I did help measure and hold supplies for him in the garage :)

And lastly, here are a few links to various websites I found when I started really looking into this possibility. Many are much more elaborate that mine but I pulled from most of them somehow. I literally just googled "closet craft rooms" or some variation of that.

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  1. Looks great and such a great idea. We are in the same boat where we have no space for my crafting., I have a closet, small, with all my crafting stuff, birthday decor, presents, gifts and have a little space of my own like you have would be a slice of heaven..enjoy! Hope you get your circuit machine!