Friday, May 28, 2010

voltuneer tea with cupcakes...

I did do a little bit of cake decorating this month. After the hit of my last batch of mini cupcakes it was requested I make more for the Volunteer Tea my school puts on for all the volunteer parents. I happily obliged...with delicious and pretty results. Though next time I know not to put the fresh strawberries on top of white frosting too early...lesson learned. Also, this recipe was MUCH better than the batch I made for my own birthday. I'm sorry Martha but your recipe did not cut it. I got a recipe off OnDemand of the Sprinkles Capcakes show. It was AMAZING!!!

Mini Strawberry Cupcakes with chocolate and cream cheese frosting with fresh strawberries on top. I did cheat at use store bought time I won't!!! I was in a time crunch!

One of the two trays. They were a huge hit. They've been requested again...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

attack of the minis (cake version)...

Last week I made a good luck/good-bye cake for our two student teachers Katie & Kristin.

Here are the pictures :)

this is what a KitchenAid looks like with a double batch of icing!!!

this is what my husband does with the cake scraps!

a couple dozen mini cupcakes!

a mini 6 inch cake. covered in fondant and bordered with fondant circles.

the spread :)

cake and a peak at the cupcakes :)

mini goodness!