Monday, August 20, 2012

WOW! It's been a L O N G time!!!

This has been quite the sleepy blog as of late. The reason being - I've been going through some personal and health issues...all of which required me to stop baking!!!

Now that I am beginning to get the food part of my new life under control I ventured back into baking by making by favorite chocolate chip cookies from Weight Watchers.

Though, I do not have the will power to have a whole jar full of cookies in my house so instead I made the dough and then I froze it so I could make a portion at a time.

This way it is a bit more work to have a cookie! You have to think about having one - turn on the oven (I used our counter oven) - get the cookies out of the freezer (which makes you have to think about how many cookies you are actually going to eat) - and then bake them - wait for them - and then enjoy them. See, that is a lot more steps than just walking to the cookie jar and getting some cookies!.