Monday, November 29, 2010

a new use for a green bean can...

Oh yes, you read that right. My husband has been converting one of our closets into a crafting/sewing area for me. More on the later (he is actually installing the final component as I type this!!!).

I was looking at a variety of jars/containers to put stuff in. Major problem - I don't yet have a lot of stuff. I have a like 6 scissors, 2 real scrapbooking pens and a few types of adhesive. Nothing compared to some and most of it has been gifted to me.

Since I don't know yet what I will be getting or buying over the next while I wanted to not spend too much money on anything storage related until I know what I really need. I really don't know where I came up with this idea. I could have seen something like this in a magazine or I could be a genius - either way I'm somewhat impressed with myself :)

Now for the title of this post, new use for a green bean can! After making my FAVORITE Thanksgiving dish - green bean casserole - I was rinsing the cans to put into the recycling and it hit me...these are the perfect size containers to hold things in my new craft area!! I washed them out really well but green beans don't really smell that much and the can cleans out nicely.

I had a big book of scrapbook paper that my aunts-in-laws had gotten me for the wedding and one of the browns happened to almost match the browns in my room! On a side note - these are the same aunts that my husband can blame for my new money hog hobby and the best thing, they are HIS relatives! Heehee.

Enjoy the pictures!
*Please excuse the horrible picture taking (I need to read my manual to figure out the best setting for inside, low light pictures). Also, please excuse my lack of makeup and sweats in one husband came in and decided he wanted to take that picture...

Start with a clean can. Paper of your choosing. And a cutter.

Measure the length of the can from lip to lip.

Cut paper to length.

Then measure around the can.

I added 1 inch extra length for gluing.

My helper and I mid project. (PS. My husband just got done installing the shelf!!)

After this step you need to hold the paper in place for 1 - 2 minutes. I glued all around the can, including the over lap, at once. Mainly because gluing it section by section didn't work, the glue wasn't strong enough. But once I did the whole can around and held it, the glue worked like a charm.

Voila! Container. Basically free.
All I paid for was the tin and even then we ate what came in it.

This was the glue I used. It was a gift but I would like to know where to get some more!

The tins in use!

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