Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cookie Bake & Exchange...

Myself and a few of my friends from work had been talking about doing a cookie exchange, problem was no one was really in the mood to make a few dozen cookies in their own kitchen! We decided to switch it up and bit...we had everyone make their cookie batter at their house and then come to school (we're teachers - so this was a normal meet-up spot) and bake them and chit chat! It was a fun but oddly hectic event. I decided to make my absolute favorite cookie - Russian Teacakes. Turns out, many other people liked them too and were happy to have them on their plates.

Another fun part of this was getting everyone else's recipes! This was a great way to get a variety of cookies. While I know everyone can not bake all their cookies and their friends cookies in one place (schools happen to have lots of big ovens!) there are many other ways to have a cookie exchange!

huge ovens!

my best friend baking!

me. with my caddywhompus eye... with my Russian Teacakes


more cookies!

what a fun looking plate!!

Thanks to my wedding acquaintance Jill for telling me about picnik which lets you edit and arrange photos...I am SUPER excited to put this to use and hopefully get Photoshop for my upcoming birthday!

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  1. I signed up for picnik a few months ago but hadn't really explored it that much yet. I've been wondering how people make those photo collages!