Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas cakepop camp #1...

I had decided a while ago that I wanted to teach people to make cakepops. Secretly, I want people to make them and for me to eat them...without having made them. Sure, they are cute but they are time consuming! I lined up some of my work friends (and some of their kiddos) to teach over Christmas break. We did it before Christmas so that people would have them to give away as treats to neighbors or family keep a few for themselves :)

I should mention that originally I was supposed to do this one of the two days with my old college room mate but she had some unfortunately and untimely deaths in her you Meggers and we'll make cakepops soon!

I really had a blast teaching people, I mean - I am a teacher after all!

The first day (which was supposed to be with Megan) ended up being with 4/5 of the 4th grade team members at my school. Laurie was gracious enough to offer her kitchen up. Thanks Laurie!

4/5th of the 4th grade team!

Smiling Snowmen.

My favorite - made by me :)

Me. I chopped my hair off 2 days later, I kind of miss it now looking back.

The wrapper bee's.
Norma is in the middle. She is Laurie's (on the right) Mom and also volunteers in my classroom 2 days a week to help with my kiddos!

Santa hats. Very time consuming.

My new best friend (sorry Sabrina!)

My masterpiece!!
Peppermint cake with dipped in chocolate coating and sprinkled (heavily) with crushed up candy cane! OOOHHH they were SO good!

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