Sunday, December 12, 2010

closet conversion - the cost...

From the time I started this closet conversion I wanted to calculate the cost so I kept all the receipts to review later. Well, later is now. Really, I think we did pretty good. I had been looking at items like this from Ikea or this system from at Michaels and the benefits would have been that I could take them with me when we're gone and who knows, one day that might be what I have. Though neither would have given me exactly what I wanted. But for now, this really worked for us for many reasons. I wanted a permanent space (nails make it permanent), I wanted a large space, we wanted to save money and Jason wanted a project!

So here is the rundown of the costs. We had the nails, screws, and green paint left over from various other projects.

$ 25.00 - white board. used for desk and one shelf.
$ 14.35 - trim for around peg board. 25.17 ft @ $.57/ft
$   7.42 - 3/4 in. square trim. 13.25 ft @ $.56/ft
$ 12.48 - primed baseboard. 2 @ $6.25 each
$   2.94 - brown paint. Use sample size in exact color as wall.
$   7.50 - pegboard. Whole board was $15.22, used half for this project.
$ 69.09

The trim for around the pegboard is what you can see in the pictures that is painted brown. We had to buy more because Jason mis-cut some of the pieces... The 3/4 square trim we used to back the pegboard so that hooks would fit back there and it is also the support underneath the shelf in the nook and there will be enough for another shelf someday.

All in all I am really proud of my husband! He did such a nice job and really took his time to help me figure this all out. I would say I have used it about 4 times a week since I've had it, though funny enough I haven't scrapbooked on it yet...that will come :-)

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