Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas cakepop camp #2 (the kid version)...

Seeing as I don't have kids of my own yet...that must explain what I was thinking when I decided to teach my friends and their kids to make cakepops! All kidding aside, the kids and mom's did wonderfully!! I even got asked by one of them if I would do a cakepop birthday it must have been a success. We all gathered at Danielle's gorgeous house to have a blast.

I was much more cautious with how I planned this one than I was with the one from the previous day...seeing as there were kids aged 7 - 14 involved. We (Sabrina and I) set up 3 stations for 3 different cakepops which was the best idea. The family groups each rotated with their mom's through each station and after about 20 minutes switched. After each group had gone through each station the kids really had a handle on it and could go where ever they wanted.

Crumbling on the counter. Don't worry, it's her house.

Discussing chocolate :)

Rolling into balls.
This was the most challenging part for the kids because they had a hard time making them tight enough.

Busy hands!

Haha. I think there were 4 kids working on this batch.

Once a teacher, always a teacher.
Explaining to dip it like a joy stick. Those kids have NO idea what a joy stick is. Next time I'll bring an XBOX remote to demonstrate...

More teaching.

Oh sisters...making snowmen.

Christmas trees. We really struggled with this green Wilton melting candy.

Regular cakepops disguised as The "ornament" station.

The Wing's making snowmen!

Sabrina, she didn't even make one cakepop. She just packaged them all. She is a great friend!

A few things I learned...
- Kids can be better at things than adults
- Take more pictures
- Bring an assistant ;-)
- At the time it seemed like a lot for each family to have a batch (40-45) of cakepops but in the end...I think everyone was happy with how much they got to go home with. And I still have some in my freezer....waiting for me to get motivated enough to make more.
- With kids, your sprinkles WILL get mixed...even if the adults watching over them are teachers...its just inevitable.
- I love kids, my friends, Christmas break, and cakepops.

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  1. does that melty pot think work well? would a small slow cooker dip pot work?