Sunday, December 5, 2010

homemade liquors :)

This all came about a few weeks ago when my staff assistant Carol and I were talking about how flipping hard BOYS can be to buy for. I was thinking about my brother-in-laws in particular because they have every video game I could imagine and still live at home so don't need house stuff...but I could not think of what to get them. Though I just realized that IF they read the blog they'll now know what their Christmas present is...hopefully they don't :) Moving on...

Carol told me about how she makes homemade hard alcohol and this was intriguing in many ways, but specifically for BIL presents. They do like to drink. So Carol graciously wrote down about 4 or 5 different recipes that are her "tried and true" ones that her family loves and tonight, randomly and without any warning, Jason wanted to make one. Well, I guess it might have had something to do with me buying the below bottles at World Market today. I would link to the exact bottle but I cannot find them online.

These bottles were $5.99 each.
My plan is to eventually stock up on cool and different ones, even hitting up Goodwill and whatnot, but this was efficient for today.

We made the recipe according to Carol's instructions. The one thing I would do next time is actually use liquid food coloring instead of gel. I just only have gel from baking...

Also, we had the vodka around the house. Funny story. I guess in Jason's line of work when you do an exceptionally good job with a Captain, they give you booze. Jason has gotten 3 fifths in the last month - vodka, brandy, and something called Ouzo. So We used the vodka he got from work to make this recipe!

2 cups sugar with 1 cup boiling water.

Pour water over sugar.

Stir until dissolved.

We amazingly had this all on hand.

photo credit to Jason!

Add 2 cups Vodka.

2 -3 tsp peppermint extract. We used 3 because Jason felt like it.

food coloring.

mix. you get a little light headed!!

funnel into jars.

seal up and you're ready to go.

credit - Jason.

credit - Jason

We have a few more recipes we are going to try...maybe I'll keep those ones under wraps until later :)


  1. Fun! I tried Ouzo for the first time this summer and LOVED it! But I'm a fan of anise flavored things so it's not surprising. :-)

  2. I totally love this and can't wait to try it!