Friday, December 3, 2010

post thanksgiving dinner craft...

Oh, that's right. It's what we do in my family. My Mom started this tradition last year and I love it! Last year we made cookie mix in a jar, pictured below.

This tradition is for the girls. The boys...they have their own tradition. Helping my Dad get ALL the Christmas Decorations out of the attic! I think girls win.

So this year my Mom had another craft set up for us to do. By the way, the 'us' I keep referring too it my Mom, myself, and my brother's fiance.

This craft is directly from the December 2010 edition of Martha Stewart Living. I have been searching for 2 days on their website for a link to include but for the life of me cannot find it. It's on page 94 of that edition for those who care to look!

the first three.

the second three.

Gift wrapped candy bars. At least that is what I'm calling them :) The steps are easy!

1. Buy full size candy bars from the store. My Mom had bought some fancy Lindt ones, some Cadbury ones, and some various other kinds, all tempting!

2. Buy gift wrap (any kind will do just fine), ribbon, rick rack (the wavy red ribbon), and felt. Also any other crafty things you'd need. She bought this ribbon that looked like Christmas tree lights and pom-poms. The nice thing about gift wrap like these pictured are they are somewhat solid backgrounds, as in they don't already have characters on them, so it made it easier I think. Just something to think about.

3. Get friends and family together!

4. Wrap present then decorate! We each made some similar and some different. Kellie made a wreath, my Mom made smaller mittens and a hat. That was some of the fun of it was coming up with ideas. I am a hot chocolate fanatic (I don't drink coffee) and so I had to incorporate that somehow!

5. Give them away! Or sneak one for yourself ;-)

My plan is to include them in these little treat bags I"m making for people at Jason's work for Christmas. So I'll need to make 6 more but that will be easy! I just need to follow a few simple steps!

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