Sunday, December 5, 2010

wild wrapping paper...

**Due to an error on my part (I deleted pictures from my Picassa Account with deleted them from the blog) these pictures aren't avaliable**

I've been using my old (as in, from high school) laundry basket for wrapping paper storage for a long time. I never could spend the money to buy a fancy container when it has always worked just fine and it still is, with a slight modification as of today. Today, I could finally not stand the clutter of it...

The rolls went to the right, left, and outside corners. Over half of the bows had met a squashed demise at the bottom of the basket. By two bags (one for other bags and one for tissue paper) have always been this organized. But the rolls drove me crazy.


I used a small tension rod (the pair from a previous project I apparently didn't write about because I can't find it) to separate the space and keep the wrapping paper upright! The problem occured when I would take the bags out of the hamper and then that is when the wrapping paper rolls would slide every which way.

I also used a box to store the ribbon and bows, to have them from a crushing demise. The Ziploc you can see at the bottom of the screen holds pens, tape, scissors, some curling ribbon and gift tag stickers.

I'm very happy with the edition and the little touch organization.

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