Monday, October 31, 2011

Fun Frames ~ BEWARE!!!

I had the same Fun Frames all summer...I always have plans (grand plans) for what I am going to do on my summer vacation and this summer, as in summer's past, I haven't accomplished much!! After my last post about one of my favorite's birthday party...I went on vacation, started school, and was sick from September 30th - oh, last week (which is MID NOVEMBER!!!).

Moving on...

I had a blast decorating (and shopping for decorations) for Halloween this year. I wanted to have decorations for Halloween that were on the brighter side! I decided to mainly use the colors orange, black, purple, lime green, yellow and a few silver spiders :) I think I bought about $30 worth of decorations - I was just too impatient to wait until after Halloween to decorate :)

I had a hard time choosing a word for Halloween. The words that were in the running were: BOO!, EEK!, beware, spooky, ghost. I ended up choosing 'beware' and used the "creepy" font from Microsoft Word.

The mantel during Halloween.

The standard teddy bear, some tea lights from forever ago, and candy corn*
*candy corn level suspiciously kept getting lower and lower during the month... 

I really love this piece. It is from Craft Warehouse. It is SO versatile!

Eyeball & glass bead mixture and silver spiders from Pier 1. Fuzzy balls from CW.

Subway art from the girls at eighteen25!!!

Spiders from Pier 1.

Witch's Hat from CW.

Wicker pumpkin - CW. Purple pumpkin - P1.

Teddy bear from Starbuck's. Pumpkins from CW. I wish I'd gotten a better picture of the glittery candy corn from P1. It is cute!!!

Love it!!! I should have taken pics of the other items...silly me!