Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Candy Cane Cake - trial run...

I knew at some point during our 6 (yes, six) Christmas festivity nights I'd be making a cake but I didn't know what one. Then I stumbled upon it...annies-eats and her peppermint cake and I knew I HAD to make it!! I always get warry when trying new cakes from scratch so I wanted to do a trial run...I knew no one would mind. My trial runs usually get passed out to my friends and Jason's co-workers.

The post from Annie's Eats had it in a whole cake but it was fun to make into gift sized portions!

I decided to bake and deliver them in these Reynold's star shaped pans. I've had them in the cupboard for years and never used them...and they were just different from cupcake tins :)

I also made a few rectangluar cake ones!

They were SO good and I will definitely make them for Christmas time!

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