Thursday, February 10, 2011

colorful cakepops...

Back in December I taught a few groups of my friends how to make cakepops! I had them all make a batch of cakepops, which makes about 45 balls per batch. And there was 5 batches (mine included) from the first day and 3 batches from the second day...which is approximately 400 cake balls. OMG I did not realize that until I just did the math!

Regardless of the math it was a lot, too much in fact. I ended up with about 40 in my freezer of varying shapes, colors, and flavors. I decided to freeze them to see if it worked and this last weekend I unfroze them to see if they were still tasty...and they were!

5 flavors of fun!

I was headed to play BUNCO with some of my work friends and wanted to make a dessert but we were out of most things dessert related (eggs, flour) so I decided to finally take the cake balls out of the freezer and try it. Since it was for my friends I decided it would be okay...even if it wasn't really okay.

I took them out about an hour before I was going to dip them, another hour probably wouldn't have been a bad idea. They needed to be re-rolled to gain a round shape and in a few cases I shaped them into squares, but they turned out just fine!!

It is nice to know because now I can make cake balls, freeze them, and use them at a very different time - which to me is very exciting!

Another thing I did this time since I had so many flavors, was to try to define them my inside flavor. Personally, I like vanilla and vanilla and while I'll eat any kind of cake I will always choose vanilla! I used an ink pad that had 4 different colors in it to help people know what they were picking. I used pink for strawberry, blue for chocolate, and nothing for the vanilla. It worked pretty good though the problem was since they were in something when displayed you couldn't see what kind you were picking...they were still delicious though!!

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