Saturday, February 19, 2011

a jar full of rainbow...

Well, not really a jar but you get the picture.

I LOVE rainbows and I think rainbows go hand-in-hand with St. Patty's Day!! Now only if I was crafty enough to make a little leprechaun :)

I've tried this month to cut down on my crafting spending...I went a little crazy between November and well, the beginning of this month. In trying to work with it yet still find projects to do to make our house nice I had to think outside the box, or in this case, inside a vase.

I found the deal of the year at Craft Warehouse!! I had been thinking about getting a glass vase for decor items for a few months because of the versititly of it. Well turns out that Craft Warehouse puts their display vases/items up for sale for like 95% off! I kid you not, I bought a $22 vase for $1.99 - and I didn't even mean too!! I got up the cash register and the cashier discovered the little $1.99 sticker and said "Wow, I'm surprised you found this, usually employees snatch them right up!" Now I will forever be on the hunt for the item that looks worn and has a little, tiny sticker on it. All I had to do was wash it! That was totally worth the twenty dollar savings!

Okay...on to the project!!

I wanted to do something with rainbows. Something in my new vase. Something cheap and that I already had on hand. Somewhere from the depths it hit me...tissue paper!!!

I actually had all but one of the colors {blue} which I got pretty easily :)


In action!

This project took about 20 minutes to make - another bonus! I took half a sheet of tissue paper in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. I folded the half sheet of tissue paper into a long roll. I cut that roll into strips, held them all in my hand and snipped into about 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch pieces. I should have taken step by step pictures but it was SO EASY that I kind of forgot too!

I am very happy with the results. Most of the tissue paper {except for blue} I had on hand in my wrapping paper station so that was free and then I got the stellar $1.99 deal on the vase. I'm happy because it is a rainbow decoration and I'm happy because it was cheap!!

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  1. If you ever need a vase and Craft Warehouse doesn't have a good deal that day, Goodwill is (surprisingly) an awesome place to find vases. At least in my experience.