Friday, February 18, 2011

Fun Frames ~ CLOVER

The next holiday up on the Fun Frames List is St. Patrick's Day. Well, if we are getting technical it is my birthday first, but only by one day, and I don't have enough frames to spell birthday! But don't you worry...that won't stop me from celebrating! I already have a plan in the works :)

Anyways, I asked Jason to pick the Fun Frames words this holiday season. He picked CLOVER. Personally, I was wanting to go with BLARNEY but then I bought only 3 sheets of patterned paper so that wouldn't have worked.

See, when you buy a patterned/striped paper it can only get two Fun Frames backgrounds, at most, out of a 12 X 12. It is especially true if it is stripes or something with lines.

These ones aren't my favorite. I wish the green was a bit darker and I wish I could have found more paper with clovers on the back - I only found 1 piece at 1 store :( Though I do have that already planned to use in another project I"m going to make on Monday!

Up next...Fun Frames {spring}

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