Thursday, February 17, 2011

cakepops {valentine's}

My Mom and I got together at her house the day before Valentine's Day to make some cakepops. We wanted to try a shape this time and obviously wanted to do a heart! My Mom had the genius idea to push the cake/frosting mix into the cookie cutter instead of hand shaping it. That ended up giving it a really defined shape. We also did regular cakepops with festive sprinkles.

We really liked how the different size sticks looked. I think I might paint some of the 2x4s I use for drying white and use them to display (especially since I broke my old one yesterday)...

We had fun coming up with messages to write!

Another thing that we tried with this batch was using Oil Food Coloring. We knew we wanted to do at least 2 colors but we didn't want to have any waste. Good thing we're creative teachers :) We used our brains and thought of the color wheel.

We used most of the white chocolate up, added more and first dyed it yellow.

We dipped about 10 cakepops in yellow.

Then we added blue because...

yellow + blue = green!

We dipped the remainder of the cakepops in green.

This was a simple and cost effective way to get 2, well technically 3, colors out of one batch!

We also tried something else..

Junior Mint Surprise!
We didn't actually remember which ones we'd put them in so I didn't get a picture of the inside!

And I almost forgot to mention I had a VERY special helper in the kitchen that day...


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