Wednesday, February 23, 2011

cakepops {apples and suitcases}

One of the second grade teachers at my school is retiring at the end of the week and today we threw her a little party to wish her BON VOYAGE!! I thought it appropriate to make apples and suitcase cakepops! What, truly, is more fitting for a teacher who wants to travel!!

I had the help of my wonderful assistants Sabrina, Carol, and Patty P!! Thanks ladies for making this happen!

Here are my eight favorite apples and one suitcase! I just L.O.V.E. how they are all so different!!! There were many, many more!!

So when I make cakepops I use 2x4's with holes drilled a bit bigger than the lollipop sticks for drying. It works wonderfully, they are durable, and it was all scarp wood we had lying around the house. Well...last week I broke my vase that you've become accustomed to seeing the cakepops in, the glass one with the ribbon. So I had to come up with something new and I didn't want to spend any money. My solution...

...wrap the 2x4s in wrapping paper and poke holes through for the sticks. Genius!!

It even makes for a good mode of transportation. Though, with 3 boards I had to make a few trips into school. Next time I will bring the pops all on a tray and the board in a bag :) Plus, I only drive 7 miles to that might be why they survived!

The cool apples got to sit in the front ;-)

All ready for the food!

All most all of my staff. Plus a few community members and the Superintendent.
It was a very nice party for a very nice lady :)

PS. The "timer" setting on my Canon ROCKS!!!

We decorated the library and it was a potluck event. It all turned out very nice!!

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