Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fun Frames from the year 2011

I had such a fun time creating my Fun Frames in 2011. It all started after I saw this post from the girls at eighteen25...and I took the idea and made it my own.

At the beginning of the year I made a list of all the words I could think of that were 8 letters or less in length that Jason and I liked for various holidays!

I am already thinking about changing many of the words around this year to give some variety and get more use out of my Cricut! One thing I am not in love with is that our house is SO yellow in can see behind the pictures that the wall looks like about 5 different colors, and I promise it is not!! I will have to play around with that this year!!
I also am not a fan of how a few of the words turned out in respects to the colors. I might need to do some laying for this year or make bolder choices of colors or more contrasting. In 2011 I went to the store and bought the background papers and then tried to use colors I had at home for the letters but this year I am going to buy them together to make sure they "coordinate". That...or I need to start bulking up on my paper supply ;-)
Here are all my Fun Frames words from 2011...stay tuned for the 2012 versions.

I wanted to try to link each picture to the blog post I wrote about it but I am NOT that techie...

My goal for this year, 2012, is to do one every month - even during the summer! Especially being a teacher there isn't a reason not too. Though last year I didn't want to be spending money every month to change the decor (not the Fun Frames) so this year I'll have to get creative!!


  1. how fun!!! i love them all! thanks so much for sharing with us!!

    p.s. when you are in your editor writing your post... click on the picture to select it. then go up to the "link" button. when the box pops up just add the web address for the post you want it to link to. hopefully that all makes sense... i'm not the best at explaining computer stuff. haha

    have a great day!
    jen :)

  2. To fix the yellow lighting, have you tried adjusting the white balance in a photo editing program? In Picasa you can just click on the "auto contrast" and "auto color" buttons. Then makes sure you save the changes before uploading or it will just upload the original. Makes a world of difference on mine!