Sunday, June 26, 2011

fun frames...spring {patience}

This spring for us has been about patience. Patience with each other, with situations we are in, with ourselves. These fun frames have actually been up for a while but I just got around to blogging about them. The end of the year for a teacher is...busy, to say the least!!

I knew this was the word I wanted to use but I didn't know colors or anything so I went to craft warehouse for some inspiration...and I found some {surprise, surprise}. I saw a lot of fun spring colors but decided I liked the green/pink/white color palette best. Since I can't change the red/khaki of the walls I figured this would go good together! Plus basically everything except for the pink I could reuse in other seasons...BONUS :-)

I used my Cricut to cut the letters, SureCutsALot to make the letters and flowers, and to find the letters - These letters are called "sunshine poppy" and they are my favorite!! Once I had the following decor I needed to decide what colors to make all the pieces of the fun frames. Looking back I kind of wish I'd done the green on the background, the white on the letters, and kept the pink flowers, alas, I did not.

The mantel. The wooden piece with the glass votives can be changed out every season!!
Thanks to the girls at eighteen25 for the Subway Art!!

Spring votive.

The space above the TV.

The three hurricanes. Similar colors, different sizes and fillings!!
These are all above the TV.

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  1. Hey that's a cool idea - putting other stuff inside the candle holders besides just candles - because I don't really light candles but I like those kind of candle decoration type things. I'm going to remember that!