Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fun Frames, a {first} tutorial.

Okay, so I will say this is my first tutorial for Fun Frames. And really, there are probably only a few people who read this blog but here goes nothing ;-) Please excuse the off colors. I'm learning how to use my wonderful Canon T1i and the handy husband hasn't yet installed lighting in my closet conversion.

First: make a plan. Then edit the plan ;-)

Frames from craft warehouse. I bought 6 and plan to go back and get 2 more.
Open all the frames and take out the paper insert.

Choose your paper and continue to hold on to paper insert.

Line up your inserts to see how many pieces you can get.
This paper was 12 X 12. I had a 6 letter word, so I only used 2 pieces of paper.

This is what you will end up with. 3 backgrounds and 2 scraps.
 I reserved the scraps and plan to make present tags out of them...someday!
So here is a step-by-step of how to cut the paper to the sizes you need.

Insert paper 5 inches. Cut.

Use the cut off piece...

Turn it 90 degrees and cut at 7 inches. This will produce your first background.

{First background and big scrap}

Turn the other half of the paper 90 degrees. Insert 5 inches and cut.

Insert paper 5 inches again and cut. This will make background 3.

Repeat these steps listed above on the second (or third or fourth) piece of paper!


Now that all your pieces are cut out you are ready to make the letters!

Measure about where you'd like the lettering. I wanted my letters to be about 5 inches tall.

Don't be afraid to make mistakes.

This was the first time I'd used my Cricut so I made a few. Though look at the W on the right...see that silver? I wrote what size and font it was on the back with pencil so that after I was done playing around and figuring out what I would like...I was ready to cut!

Once you have you letter size, cut them all out before you move on to the next step.

Measure and adhear.

I put the final 'S' in a place on the paper I visually liked it. Then I measured up to the bottom of the letter. I did this on all the subsequent letters so even if they weren't all cenetered in the picture frame the bottom of all the letters would be at the same place.

Ready for the frame!

In action.

Front and center in the family room.

Here again is the Fun Frames - word list of all the holiday related words I could think of, and some that goggle could thing of! My plan, to have these Fun Frames set as a staple decoration in my home. I'm really not one for moving furniture or rearranging (much to my husband's displeasure) and I figured this was the perfect decoration. I can change it out whenever I want but it can stay the same!

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