Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fun Frames ~ JOLLY

My house didn't get as crazy-decorated as I'd had liked for Christmas - being sick will do that to you!! I was on the tailend of my 3 month long cold when Christmas decorating rolled around. I have big plans for next year...which WILL include my snow village which did not make an appearance this year!!

The Fun Frames words for this holiday season were tough to figure out. We aren't religious so anything pertaining to religion was out. Though, thankfully, that still leaves plenty of other options!! My montra this season was "I believe in the spirit/magic of Santa" because for us, he is one reason to celebrate the season. And who doesn't like getting a present from Santa under the tree :)

JOLLY seemed like the fitting word. I LOVE how the red and white swirls went nicely with the dark green I picked out from JoAnn's.

Fun Frames 2011

above the TB

Subway art from eighteen25

The mantle.

I love our candels. The Santa's are painted by me when I was a kid.

The tradition of "teddy bear in the stocking"...I love this tradition my hubby started for me.

Shelf in the kitchen.

Our stocking. Lovingly made by my wonderful Grandma Cole...

The whole mantle.

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