Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fun Frames ~ Egg Hunt

Keeping up with my Fun Frames has been really fun! This holiday {Easter} was hard for me to pick a word. I really wanted 'hippity hop' but I didn't have enough frames, and I don't think that many would even fit on the shelf. I decided on 'egg hunt' after seeing some awesome scrapbook paper at Craft Warehouse.

See Easter, for us, is about celebrating spring, family, growing, and a cute little bunny :) I called it "bunny day" and I wouldn't have it any other way. Wow, totally didn't mean to rhyme! Remember LAST YEAR's dessert?? I'm still deciding how to top that!!

Fun Frames with some additional decor {more on those later}

I'm in LOVE with my teddy bear rabbit! Also, this is the first 'subway art' I've created. It isn't quite as good as the girls at eighteen25 do, but it is a start :)

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