Sunday, December 25, 2011

Baked Alaska's...

My Mom has been making Baked Alaska's for a while and I'd been dying to try it so I finally did for Christmas. These are most definitely a make-ahead dessert!

Recipe from Simply the Best by Julie Andersen
Julie is a family friend.

I made the cookies two days before I was planning on serving them!

The day before I was planning on serving them I put the ice cream on the cookie and let them freeze overnight.

The morning of Christmas I made the merigne and spooned it on. I got the idea from my Mom from a few years ago to put sprinkles on top to indicate what flavor was inside. The choises were peppermint (red sprinkles) and mint chocolatechip (green sprinkles).

You really could make these with any cookie and any ice cream!!! They are amazing!!

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