Saturday, March 12, 2011

shhh...I've had the flu :(

It's been pretty quiet over here because as the title of this post says, I've had the flu. This is my second fight with some version of it this year. Though it isn't as bad as in September when I was sick for 5 weeks, I'm currently on day 8 and on the up swing :)

I did feel better by yesterday, better enough to host a Pampered Chef Party! I'd never hosted anything before and it was really exciting to get to use some of the gifts we got for the wedding (which was over 1.5 years ago...). My friends from work came over, along with my Mom. Our consultant, Sara Califf, was great!!

The chocolate fountain was a hit, though a bit messy and troublesome at the beginning. It wasn't working quite right so I read the directions (duh!) and voila! problem solved. What was happening was it didn't have a "curtain" affect - because it had air bubbles in the center shaft where the auger is. After switching off the power for 10 seconds and then restarting it it worked like a charm. I am so happy. It was a bit messy to clean up so I"m not sure I'd want to take it anywhere else besides my own house...we will have to see.

I had 5 items you could dip in the chocolate - strawberries, graham crackers, pretzel rods broken into 3 inch pieces, Nutty cookies (the ones shaped like a peanut with PB inside), and marsh mellows.

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