Sunday, January 2, 2011

please...contain your cords!

I cannot stand clutter and even with just two of us (and a crazy cat) living here I feel as though I am surrounded by it. I admit, I do sometimes let things go for a day or so but dear husband of mine...oh, he can let clutter go, well, until I pick it up. Once, I did an experiment. It didn't end with me being shocked...I'll tell you that.
I love being in my kitchen and baking. My dear husband got me a cook's mat for Christmas which was a nice surprise and very thoughtful about what I might like.

Gel mat on the left. Normal on the right.

The problem (and subsequent reason for this post) is that I used to mix on the normal rug, straight ahead. Well, the gel rug needs to be where it is to still have the normal rug fit in the kitchen. Though, as I'm tying this I realize I should just get another gel mat. Anyhoo - the gel mat really is lovely to stand on. It is meant for people who work long hours on their feet and when I do cakes or cakepops I'm up for 2 -3 hours in my kitchen. on to the real reason for this post...the clutter...

Cords. I'm cringing thinking about them.
I would get so frustrated. once, I even unplugged the phone JUST so I wouldn't have to look at the cords.

See, this counter top you see in front of you is where the comfy, cushy, gel pad is and when I tried to bake a cake after Christmas over here...the cords were driving me berserk!

But tonight, I had an Epiphany . I was sick of the cords and sick of the clutter and I had one of my spiraling ADHD moments and it went like this: hear IKEA sale add on TV, remember reading the IKEA catalogue over Christmas break among other times, remember this item from add, think to self "hey, you could sew something like that", think to self "hey, you have left over fabric from the curtains in the kitchen you could sew something like that with! Which means it would match", run to craft room to double check fabric supplies, grab camera to start documenting, sew cord corraler. Tell husband what you've been up too since he's been in the garage doing...??? Roll eyes after husband seems a little less than interested but says "I'm glad this will make you happy". Upload pictures, write blog post.
SO, now that you know the's the pictures!
Left over fabric.

To match these curtains.

Sewing in my craft closet!!

**Insert ADHD side track here**
Can I just tell you how much I love my craft closet??
Everything is within reach. Now - just to get better lighting ;-)

The cord corraler.
I just sewed all the edges with 5/8ish seems. Just enough to make it so it didn't look frayed. I was going for function not flair.


Ready to be put to use!

Step 1: Tack to wall.

Step 2: Insert cords. I used tape to secure it for picture purposes, tape is not necessary other times.

Step 3: Close it up.

Step 4: Admire your work!

Look! NO cables on the counter!! 

I am so happy! And to was basically free and will make me happy!

Before and After!!!

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