Sunday, January 9, 2011

feeling felt-y...

The second I saw these hearts which the ladies at eighteen25 had seen here I knew I had to make them!

Friday night after a little HH I finally set out on my mission to gather my materials, knowing that on Saturday my FIL would be here and the Seattle Seahawks were in the I knew there would be ample football watching time. I do (for the record) enjoy watching football...but I enjoyed it a bit more while making a craft!

I first stopped at Craft Warehouse where I was shocked that they didn't have the Styrofoam heart wreath I needed and only have white and red felt. I knew I wanted at least one pink! Then I headed to Michaels where they had nothing I needed for this project. I then called JoAnn's since it was like 7pm b this point and I didn't want to drive up there if they didn't have what I needed...but they did! All of it! Yeah JoAnn's!!!

*JoAnn's staff members sometimes don't catch that I have like 4 names I get coupons under. This one did. So I only got to use 1 :(

Here is what I bought:
3 Styrofoam wreathes @ $3.99 each. I had only one 40% off coupon* = $9.59 total.
1 yard red felt @ $2.99/yr (already on sale) + .5 yard red felt end of bolt @ $.21 = $3.20
1/2 yard baby pink felt @ $2.99 yard = $1.50
1/2 yard white felt @ $2.99 yard = $1.50
1/2 yard shocking pink felt @ $2.99 yard = $1.50
1 box dressmaker pins (750 count) = $4.99

I saved $6.82 for being a teacher! If you are a teacher go HERE to sign up. I use mine every time I go in.

So I spent approximately $18 dollars on 3 projects, and I've already made two of them!

Now...if I had been patient (which I am not) or had felt like going to JoAnn's on Saturday (which I did not) I could have saved even more because I would have gotten 20% off total purchase from teacher weekend and would have had two more 40% off coupons that started working after Friday.


Now on to the project! I started a bit on Friday night but was rather slow at it. On Saturday I was ready to rock and roll (as I say to my students all the time)!

I used a camping cup (ie. cheap plastic) to make the circles on the felt.

This seemed like the most productive use of my time, though this was the last technique I tried. This was a half a yard (total of white felt) so I made 80 - 3 inch circles using 1/4 of a yard. 

Here I am cutting away!

Crafting and football! Now if only I wasn't sick :)

PS. The little scissors were KEY. If you don't have them, go buy them for this project. It was a pain-in-the-youknowwhat with big sewing scissors.

Using 1/4 yard of each of the 3 baby pink/shocking pink/white I got 80 - 3 inch circles.
That equals 240 - 3 inch circles.

I had 70 left over. So I used 170 - 3 inch circles to make one heart wreath. Phew!

Here's a little Picnik collage about how I folded the circles.
PS. Thanks Jill...I LOVE Picnik!!!

Please excuse the permanent marker nail polish! I was trying to watch football and trace circles. Sometimes the pen won!

When doing the multicolored wreath I brought up 10 of each of the 3 colors at a time to work with. I did not go get anymore until I was out of all 3. This was to help ensure that the colors would be spread evenly throughout the wreath.

Though I should mention that before I made this "Valentine's-y" one...I made the one at the top of the page. And it just might be s staple in our house for years to come. It matches our walls perfectly and I LOVE it!!

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