Monday, January 3, 2011

Fun Frames, an introduction.

A while back I spotted something on eighteen25 which is a trio of sisters who have these amazing craft ideas! I knew I wanted to do something like it and I even did...back in October.

I started the You've been BOOed! at my school this year (sorry if you didn't know it was me, some of you figured it out!) and it was just in time for me to make these adorable fun frames to go in the goodie basket I was going to hand out. I made these using frames from the dollar store, the background paper from this huge Halloween/autumn/Christmas pack I bought from JoAnn's, and I actually just printed the letters out on my printer and cut them out (seeing as I didn't yet have a Cricut. It wasn't anything too fancy but I did happen to be in the room (playing dumb) when the people opened them and they seemed thrilled!

Since then I have been on a quest to make my own. The second I finished the ones for my coworkers I actually made a list of all the holiday related words I could think of, and some that goggle could thing of! My plan, to have these Fun Frames set as a staple decoration in my home. I'm really not one for moving furniture or rearranging (much to my husband's displeasure) and I figured this was the perfect decoration. I can change it out whenever I want but it can stay the same!

So here is my projected that I completed in one night. It would have only taken me about an hour - hour and a half if I hadn't been interrupted. While making this I did take a lot of step-by-step pictures which I'll be working on a post about that tomorrow. It really was pretty simple and odds are could be made even simpler!

Silly fan cords!

Vantage point: step ladder.

Notes to self: clean up shelves before you take a picture and get more decor items! We bought the shelves and upper link in November. Then my father in law surprised us with a TV for Christmas (hence the old, old, old school box TV in the left corner). We will eventually mount the TV so it is all asymmetrical!

More on the fonts, sizes, and steps used to make this happen :) And thanks to eighteen25 for the inspiration!

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