Monday, May 23, 2011

Rite Aid Round UP #1

Today was my first 'real' trip with coupons! Something tells me I'm going to look back at this and laugh someday. It is certainly something I want to get into!! We shall see...I'm actually going to a 'couponing class' tomorrow night that is being put on by Frugal Living NW.

Rite Aid Round Up #1 ~ 5/23/11
Transaction #1
Subtotal {tax excluded}: $36.33
Coupons: -$2.00
+$5.00 UP+ Reward Earned (Scunci)
+$10.00 UP+ Reward Earned (Wet Wipes/Banana Boat)
$ tendered {tax included}: $37.31

Transaction #2
Subtotal {tax excluded}: $28.46
Coupons: -$1.55
B1G1: -$3.99
-$5.00 UP+ Rewards Earned (scunci)
UP+ Rewards: -$15.00 {from Tran #1}
$ tendered {tax included}: $9.15

Transaction #3
Subtotal {tax excluded}: $22.66
Coupons: -$2.00
UP+ Rewards: -$6.00 {from Tran #2 and last week $1}
$ tendered {tax included}: 16.44

Total Shelf Price: $87.45
Total Savings {coupons, UP+ Rewards): $24.55
Total OOP (Out of Pocket): 62.90
Savings in %s: 28%
So, I did not do as good once I got home and added everything up as I thought. Dang it!!
To do next time
*Watch videos on - extra savings
*Figure out how much at RA you have to spend to get the $3/15 purchase code
*Watch the prices/register
     One of the suntan lotions I bought I was obviously not paying attention because I got a really expensive suntan lotion instead of a cheaper one. Though it will be okay in the end because it is the baby kind and I like to use that on my face because they don't have oil.
*Learn coupon lingo a bit more. Like what is the difference between "1 per transaction" "1 per person/customer" "1 per purchase". Because in the reading I've done since I got home, there is a big difference.
*Be prepared.
*Figure out if RA is like Safeway. If something says 2/$5 do you have to buy two or can you buy one for $2.50?? I'm thinking so according to my receipts.
Interesting Tidbits
*I have enough binders (hair ties to some) for a year-ish
*I have 4 bottles of suntan lotion and that will definiely get the two of us through the summer!!
*The paperplates and salt pepper are to bring to my high school reunion this next weekend.
*I can't wait to do this again ;-)

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