Monday, May 16, 2011

cutting coupons...part 2

Last weekend I took advantage of my free weekend to dabble into some more coupon sites and even bought myself a Sunday paper! I generally don't shop at Safeway but I have not been in the mood to go to Winco since Jason stopped going grocery shopping with I TOTALLY see why my Mom used to not go to Winco unless I was with her. I was a bit of a cart organizer and bagger fanatic when I was younger. For some reason, it is less motivating to do it for my own house...weird, yes.

Even though I spent a lot {95.25} I saved too!!

Not a bad start. 30%. The shows like Extreme Couponing are just that, extreme. I'm totally not extreme but I'm proud to say that all the coupons I used were for items we buy monthly. My goal is to do this a few more times this school year and then this summer get used to/in to watching the flyer for when certain flyers go on sale and then matching them with coupons.

I'm also going to a 'couponing class' that is being offered by a pro...Frugal Living NW on the 24th...we'll see what kind of damage that does ;-)

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  1. every dollar off counts! Extreem couponing is definatley interesting to watch....its kind of addicting too see what they save! have fun at your class!