Sunday, March 27, 2011

sunday morning crepes {first}...

I seem to recently be going with the theme of "I've wanted to/have thought of trying {insert food here} for a while and I finally am!

I'd bought some crepe mix a few months ago at World Market. Yesterday I decided tomorrow was going to be the day to make crepes. I'd never made them before and only had them once in I was worried it might take a while to perfect. Now, I did use a mix and I am really glad I did. At least now if I do try to make my own I'll know what the desired consistency should be! My husband went a little picture crazy {83 photos}...I couldn't be more proud. I'm finally converting him into a picture taker!!

In our crepes we had strawberry cream cheese (hand blended) and Nutella. The husband had never had Nutella until today...and he is hooked! We also had some fresh strawberries on top. In my life, it is a close tie between peanut butter & chocolate VS strawberries & chocolate...I don't know if I could ever honestly decide.

To make the strawberry cream cheese I took 4oz cream cheese and added 4 strawberries and 1 packet Truvia. It was perfectly sweet and tart. The Nutella was just regular Nutella.

I read the directions about 10 times and felt I was ready for any disaster...and none happened! We will certainly be having crepes again in the future!! The great thing about them is you can put whatever you please on them! Maybe next time I'll let Jason pick the toppings...maybe...

Strawberry cream cheese.

Pouring the crepes!! It went wonderfully!

store the crepes between wax paper.
then they don't stick to each other and it helps them keep warm.


My last one.

So delicious!!

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  1. Looks great Annie!

    There is a food cart in Corvallis that sells crepes, and a couple weeks ago I had one with Nutella for the first time and loved it. The other kind they were selling were filled with smoked salmon cream cheese - probably would have been good, but I wasn't in the mood for a savory crepe at the time. I think I much prefer sweet fillings in my crepes anyway.