Monday, March 21, 2011

crafty carrots...

Even as I type the post title it seems a bit weird. I was inspired by Martha's crepe-paper-carrots but thinking about my desire to use what I already have in the house for projects. Mine are certainly not as cute but they aren't too bad either :)


*The inside of the carrot color doesn't matter since you won't be able to see it. I only had 1 sheet of orange left so I used yellow on the inside.

1. Materials - 1 standard piece orange tissue paper. 1 standard piece other color tissue paper*. 10 pieces green tulle, cut into 2X6 inch pieces.

2. Cut inside tissue paper {color doesn't matter since it won't show} into 1/4ths.

3. Pinch tissue squares in the middle, crating a cone shape.

4. Gather open end of tissue paper sphere.

5. Using double sided tape adhere orange tissue paper to the inside color. Roll until the carrot looks whole.

6. Cut of excess.

7. Using double sided tape adhere the green tulle to the yellow part of the carrot.

8. Cut 1/4 inch strip of orange tissue paper and wrap around the shaft between the tulle and orange tissue paper.

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