Monday, November 22, 2010

sewing - a body pillow case...

I pretty much can't sleep without a body pillow. I can muddle through a vacation without one but when it comes down too it, if I can bring it, I will. Like when we go to Auburn, it comes with us :) All this time I've been thinking about making a cozier cover for mine for when the weather drops. After Jason made me my craft room in a closet last week (more on that soon, I promise) it was the project I did the day after the camer strap. We also don't use the top, flat sheet for the bed so I already had the fabric which was a bonus for the checkbook!

The flat sheet that's been sitting in our closet for 3+ years!

About to begin!

Look how much I have left. I might make a blanket or some other pillow cases.


Please excuse the mess and crooked bed making...

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