Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Baller Bear cakepops...

At my work there are snacks every Friday brought by the different groups on a rotation/sign up schedule. It really is a nice treat! Every group brings snacks 3 times throughout the year and it varries every week. We decided this time to bring a variety of salad's to go with lunch and I could not resist trying out another cake pop recipe! After working with my Mom a few weeks ago it was so nice to have help and people to talk to so I did the logical thing...posted a request for helpers on facebook...and got a few bites. One of my co-workers Teresa and her daughter Lindsey came over to learn and to help. We made a double batch since a regular batches produces 40-45 but we have at least 65 people who work at my school!! They were an awesome help and I am sad to report that I did not take any pictures of us in the process of making them :( Just too busy with that many cakepops to make!!!

Storage. Away from the cat...

All set up. I think I need to make a cakepop stand.

A friendly little note.

Bears for the Baller Bears (our school name).

I heart teddy bears, especially those made of cake!

One little polar bear ready to eat!

Everyone loved them. I'm afraid I might have to make them for every school occasion now!

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