Thursday, November 11, 2010

pumpkin cake...

We headed up to my parents house last weekend for a family dinner with addition of some second cousin's of mine who were in town from Seattle. My parents always put on a good meal and do all the cooking, including desserts most of the time. I offered to make the dessert and my Mom knew she wanted to do something "fall-y". I thought about doing a cheesecake but apparently those are laborious and I was overwhelmed with the fact that I wouldn't be able to finish it in the time I had available.

So I called up my Mom and she gave me a recipe for a pumpkin dessert roll. My version turned into a mini-stacked cake since for some reason when I rolled it, it crumbled, but it was good none-the-less!!

All the ingredients. I had everything on hand already...which was a big bonus!

Pour the batter into a 10 X 12 jelly roll sheet lined with parchment paper and greased (I used PAM).

Bake for 15 minutes at 375 degrees.

Then, Cool for 10 minutes on a wire rack.

This is where you were supposed to 'roll' it. I tried and failed, so I stacked it!

Since it was 12 inches long I divided it into 4 sections that were 3 inches wide.

Frost with cream cheese frosting. I wanted it to look "messy/drippy" so I didn't have to be too careful :) Another bonus!!

Ready to serve. I did stick 3 lollipop sticks into the cake, one in the middle and two towards the ends, to support it (ie. make it stay standing) for the drive to my parents!!

Here is the whole recipe. It was less than an hour from start to finish!!!

Mom’s Pumpkin Roll

3          eggs
2/3 C   Pumpkin Puree
1 tsp     lemon juice
¾ C     flour
1 tsp     baking powder
2 tsp     cinnamon
1 tsp     ginger
½ tsp    nutmeg
½ tsp    salt

8 oz      Cream cheese
4 TB    Butter
1 C      Powdered Sugar
½ tsp    vailla

Combine dry ingredients for the cake and set aside. Beat eggs and sugar. Add wet ingredients (pumpkin, lemon juice) and mix. Add dry mixture. Spread into 10X12X1 pan that is lined with parchment and greased.

Bake 375 degrees for 15 minutes, or until done.

Cool 10 minutes in the pan.
Take a clean, thin (not fuzzy) dish towel and flip cake onto towel. From the short end (10) roll cake into a log shape. Cool in this position for 10 minutes. During this time making the frosting.

Unroll, spread frosting on cake.

Re-roll into log shape. Serve and enjoy!


  1. Where is this recipe from? I found several on the internet similar to this and one thing a few of them had in common is that they suggested you roll it up right when it comes out of the oven while it's still pliable. That might help.

  2. Yeah this is a recipe my mom gave me and she said to roll it after it cooled for 10 minutes but right out of the oven might be better :)