Tuesday, October 12, 2010

two mini cakes...

...for two mini kids.

Jason has a lot of family. Like, his Mom was one of 8 and they all have kids and most of their kids have kids! It certainly makes get-togethers on his side of the family interesting. We are closer to some of his family than others, which I suppose is natural. The best man in our wedding was Jason's cousin Kenny. Kenny married Shana and they have two kids, Linkin who is 3 and Adeline (Addy) who is 1. We call then out "niece and nephew" even though they are technically second cousins. But hey, they're babies and it seems more appropriate.

Well Link and Addy are born just a bit over two years apart in the month of October. Thankfully their parents decided to do one joint birthday part for the family and friends because this enabled us to no have to choose which kiddo's party to attend this year! We were happy for that. A while back Shana had asked me to make Addy's 'smash cake' that she would eat and I had asked if she wanted one for Link too so he wouldn't feel excluded. We decided to go ahead and do that. Shana ordered a 9X13 cake from somewhere up there...see, they live in Auburn which is over 200 miles away and I didn't want to be in charge of the only cake with a driving distance that great.

So I made two 6inch cakes about 3 layers high. Nothing too fancy since I knew the store bought cake (Spongebob to be exact) would be colorful. I did the standard boy and girl colors...because well, it made sense. The cakes themselves are pretty simple but they were intended to be destroyed by children and drive in the car for 3+ hours...so I figured that best.

The cakes!

happy first birthday Addy!

happy third birthday Linkin!


three! look at his toes :)

digging in!

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