Friday, October 8, 2010

cupcake camp ~ michelle bommarito fondant 101...

The first thing I did when I got to the Oregon Coast on that Friday was take a Fondant 101 class from Michelle Bommarito (linked in a previous post).

Though I have worked with fondant before and even taken a Wilton class on it, I figured I would learn something and DID I EVER!!! I learned about the different types of fondant, tricks of the trade, how to kneed it correctly and how fast it dries! I sat next to a girl named Holly who liked taking pictures almost as much as I did so that was a plus. This class was more "demonstration" than hads on, but we did get some time to play around. She showed us so many tools, tricks, patterns, colors, and I was soaking it all in. I did take some notes but am not sure where I have since put them so hopefully it will come back to me.

My work station. Yes, I sat right up front :-)

She's super sweet AND super sassy :-)

The rest of the class watching.



Covering. She was amazing at this part!!


After the class.

I do have another story with Michelle...but that is for a different day. Bakerella was next :)

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