Sunday, October 24, 2010

cupcake camp ~ Bakerella

I have been a fan of Bakerella since my friend Megan showed me some cake pops she make a year or so ago (the chicks). And while I hadn't tried any of my own until a week or so before Cupcake Camp I checked her blog regularly. Speaking of trying my own, it was a semi-failure. The first time the chocolate melting chips were Wilton White Candy Melts and they turned out with less than desirable results. The white chocolate didn't stay "warm" very long and it was very frustrating. I posted about it on facebook and got some advise from some of my friends about adding vegetable oil to loosen up the chocolate. So I tried that with the Wilton Red Candy Melts and had okay results but they were rather oily (surprise) and didn't harden as they set. Another failure - though slightly less so than the first attempt. Then I went to cupcake camp, and learned a lot!

The class was at Nye Beach Market in Newport, OR. The owner, Celeste, was the founder of this specific Cupcake Camp (anyone can put one just have to have the drive) and she owns the shop. Bakerella talked about so many things from chocolate, to sprinkles, to cake - it was heaven. She did a whole demo from start to finish, minus the baking part because the cake has to cool. I was SUPER glad I'd already tried a few batches because I got to ask some stellar questions and was one of about 5 people out of 30 that had even tried to make them before.

Cakepops/cake balls/cupcake bites/cupcake pops were the items she showed us how to make. All are made of the same basic ingredients: 1 box cake, 3/4 of a can of store bought frosting, candy melts. Sprinkles and such are extra but fun! The reason she says to use boxed cake and store bought frosting is consistency. Homemade goods are delicious but often vary in texture, consistency, and density.

We sat for three, yes 3, hours learning, talking, watching, laughing and enjoying ourselves with Bakerella. It was in heaven. I wish I had had a bit better seat for the pictures aspect but I could hear just fine and learned a lot!!

Her book! We got to sit down with her and get her signature!!

Her work station! Pink and full of cake decorating supplies!! Loved it :)

Cupcake Julie (one of Bakerella's BBFs was taking a ton of pictures)

Showing us the cookie cutter that started it all!

This is the brand she uses...wish we had it here. Kroger is a Fred Meyer 'brand' but Fred Meyer doesn't carry it...hum. Maybe my family in the mid-west will send me some (hint*hint*wink*wink*).

Cupcake pop. Not to be confuse with a cake pop.

3 of the 4 cakes are seen here. Cakeballs (the round ones in the holder), Cupcake pops (the ones that look like little cupcakes on a stick), and cupcake bites (the one's she is making).

Making my very own cupcake bite.

Dip and swirl.

Fill in the gaps.


Smile. Wish this was lighter...I just handed someone my camera and asked them to take pictures of me :)

Our treat. Her book and a bag. I now use this bag for lunches!!

Sprinkles galore!!

Bakerella and I :) Smiles!!!

The scene. Pretty awesome.

Signed and smiling :)

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  1. Lucky! I'm so jealous. Nice work on all of your creations. I love looking at them. I'm happy that Kroger is a brand I am very familiar with. I will for sure use that stuff next time. Thanks for the tips.