Monday, April 11, 2011

cutting coupons...

Last week I watched the pilot episodes of Extreme Couponing. Holy Moly. Jason watched about 10 minutes of the last one and his jaw was on the floor! Since it was my spring break I stayed up late to watch them and during that time I was unconsciously drawn to, Krazy Coupon Lady, and many more "frugal" websites. Eegads!

My goal was to save money while NOT buying unnecessary items. Some lady on that show bought like 56 tubes of mustard, and her family doesn't even eat mustard it was "just too good of a deal to pass up". STRANGE! I think I did pretty good on this trip. We generally "stock up" at Winco. I know the point of extreme couponing is to match up deals at standard grocery stores with coupons. I, however, am not an extreme couponer. I am not even a novice couponer. I am total amateur.

I used 11 coupons and I saved $7.83! The ONLY thing I bought that we don't already use was from this coupon on top. I bought these Mozarella Cheese Sticks. Obviously I'm craving them. Other than that it was salad dressings, cheeses, frozen lunches/dinner, cinnamon rolls, as examples. I certainly bought other things that I didn't have coupons for but maybe this is the start of something...

I also have about 10 coupons left from brand's that Safeway does not carry.

I do not want to become extreme but I wouldn't mind saving some money!

More after the next trip :)

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  1. i watched that too! and funny, cause i have actually become more consious of coupon cutting myself! Not going to the extreeme though! I think that they should donate!!! its pretty amazing though!