Wednesday, March 10, 2010

in one night...

According to my own post on Facebook I started my project for tonight "4 hours ago." I made curtains for "the brown room" which I guess I can now call my craft room as I have had multiple crafting sessions in there :) I always seem to get the urge (energy) to sew in the evening around 6 ot 7 - when TV isn't too good and Jason isn't usually home. The problem was that my craft room had no blinds and looks out into our backyard...which was dark...and scary. That is, until tonight! That is right. I made 2 panels to form one window curtain in-one-night!!! I'm proud again, I must admit. This project involved a little bit more than my last curtain project. Mainly because I was making 2 curtains to fit in one window so I had to measure everything to make sure it would look good together! I think I did a mighty good job! I am a big fan of the "ruffle at the top" look for a few reasons: 1) it lets less light it because it fills in the gap at the top between the window frame and the curtain rod. 2) it allows for a little bit of room for error as it is meant to look scrunched. Those are two solid reasons and good enough for me. Jason has planned for me to make curtains for the bedroom using this technique but also adding the extra good (but positive outcome) of blackout fabric. We'll see when I get around to that one... As for now - the pictures of my newest project.

hemmed the sides first.

folded over 2 cm. i used cm because that was the side that had an "even" measurement point to look at on the tape. i am not that smart...heehee.

folded it over 3 1/2 inches. the 2cm was folded under.

the pin right now is holding the folded under 2 cm in place while i hemmed it up. i did this thank to the advise from my mom. if you don't turn the fabric under and if you leave the "raw" edge exposed it will fray when you wash it. See Mom...I do listen :)

hemming the rod pocket. the space on the bottom (left) will be where the curtain rod will slip into, leaving the 1 1/2 on the top (right) to "scrunch"

it is quite the set up i have. a few days back jason brought the tv and cable in here...maybe that is why i've been getting so much done. though i found out tonight sewing and watching the news don't mix because you can't hear the tv...oh, and my ever present helper. he loves the sewing room - mainly because he loves string and there is plenty of that around!

sewing away!


after. i still need to hem the bottom but i'm only going to hem it up less than an inch so it won't look much different!

what to do next...i want to try to make some kind of bag...we'll see :) i'll keep you posted!

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