Monday, March 1, 2010

apron a la annie...

I must say, I am proud of myself. I made an apron all by myself. For all you crafty people out there that might not be a big deal but for me its a great accomplishment. Oh, and I did it with only about 20 minutes of a "break down" on one piece. Pretty good all in all. I'll let the pictures explain the rest!!! Don't be surprised if in the next year people start getting homemade presents from me!

making the pattern. notice my helper...???

pins galore! i was so afraid of it moving too much while i was cutting...

please ignore the pj's. focus on the apron.

:) so proud!

sewing on a round edge :)

finished to figure out who to give it too!!!

fabric: 1 3/8 yard = $4.99
tie fabric: $2.99
brown thread: $1.50 (to be reused again and again)
I used a 40% off coupon on every purchase towards the supplies for this apron. Thank you JoAnn's Fabric!

so approximately $10 for a gift. not to shabby!!! and next time i'll be even more efficient at it!

ps. thanks Mom...for all those times you tried to get me to sew. sorry it took me so long but better late then never...right???

pps. i know there is no pocket. it looked funny. plus really...what do you use the pocket on an apron for anyways???

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