Monday, February 13, 2012

handy husbands' first plumbing project!!

Last week our garbage disposal broke...such a first world problem.

I wanted NO part of fixing it, I knew it would just stress me out. When I was at the gym on Saturday, after his massage {yes, you read that right}, Jason fixed the problem all by himself.

We more than dobled our new disposing power. From .5 HP to 1.5 HP.



I'm so proud of him...and even happier that he didn't get water or gunk anywhere!!!


  1. Your husband must be very good with plumbing problems, Ace. That definitely looks like a professional job! I can tell from the before and after photos that he definitely put a lot of thought in the design and the work itself. It’s an excellent idea that you doubled the disposing power of the garbage, especially for the heavy home use of the garbage disposal. Good job by your husband

  2. Replacing the garbage disposal is quite tricky. You have to be familiar with all the parts, and how to do it properly, and you have to be sure that you fit everything properly, or else run the risk of leaking. Your husband seemed to have found it quite easy though. He did a clean job too!

  3. I commend your husband for the job well done! Plumbing skills are indeed handy to have, especially when you have your own home. Anyway, as a golden rule with garbage disposals, keep in mind not to throw anything in there that’s too hard, like bones or seeds, as the resulting debris could get stuck, and jam the rotating parts.

    Carmella Vancil