Monday, February 6, 2012

a better way to vacuum your car!!

Oh yes, I went there.

This weekend was {AMAZINGLY} sunny in Washington State and I wanted to enjoy it!! Well, on Sunday I joined my husband in cleaning out the cars. Fun times, right?!?!

Now, we've been vacuuming out our cars this way for a while and I honestly don't know whose idea it originally was...{though I could say it's mine since he'll never read this!!} But when I just asked him he said "Well one day I just did it". I"ll let you decide!!

We use a ShopVac to clean out our cars but man, oh man it is ever S  L  O  W  when it comes to vacuuming out the floors and the trunk. I mean, that little one inch hole doesn't do much at all.

Welcome, the re-purposed-off the old vacuum attachment.

It doesn't get in the little spots or inbetween the seats but it does ROCK at the big, flat parts of the car. Using it in the trunk is the best. Oh and on the side of the doors...

You should try it. It will change the way you clean your car!!!

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