Tuesday, September 28, 2010

lylasttdid. take two...

On Bree's last weekend home we decided to get together again to sew! I had a project in mind!!! See, I have this fondant rolling pin and mat that I keep in a tube that I bought at the UPS Store, a cardboard shipping tube. It is not pretty. My solution...make it pretty!

I headed to JoAnn's a few weeks ago looking for fabric to make curtains for my classroom (more on that later) and found the perfect fabric for a fondant rolling pin cover!! Brown background, pink cupcake decorations! Love at first sight. I bought just 1/3 of a yard and it was enough to make not only what I had in mind, but two other things!

I brought the fabric and ideas to Sewing Day and set to work, with my Mom's help. We pinned and plotted and really, came up with the perfect solution!! A tube cover with a strap! Because this tube is long, awkward, and it rolls...not always the best combination when moving it around or traveling with it.  Once I had made that, I had some left over fabric and decided to make a pot holder and a fondant tool pencil case. I really like sewing days with Bree, my Mom, and Kathy - Bree's Mom. I hope this is a tradition we start...especially since Bree says she's moving home next spring!!!

Mom and I in the planning stages.

All done. Pot holder. Fondant cover and carrier. Fondant tool pouch.

This makes me happy!!!

The cover.


Top of the container.

A peak inside :) Secure, clean, and decorated!

The original plan. Came out just like I wanted it too!

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