Monday, September 27, 2010

the first...

Welcome to my 'homemaking' blog. It seems to me, and to many of my friends and family, that in the last few years I have really started to take an interest in many things related to homemaking. I love cake decorating, I'm interesting in scrap booking, and have really started to enjoy sewing - 99% of the time!

This blog is meant to take the "family" out of it, that's for the other blog, and focus on my adventures of homemaking. We've been in our house just a month under a year and it is really starting to feel like home as we start to make memories here.

You'll see things about baking, my adventure's in cooking dinners (my least favorite activity), scrap booking, photography, and least for the time being. I've been known to knit about once every two years and like to think I now how to match colors to make the room look good. I even once, just last week, used the word decor in a sentence!

And who knows where this will lead...someday...well, I guess we'll see when we get there :)

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