Thursday, June 24, 2010

Now that it is summer I really am going to try to motivate myself to do more around the house and more things for "me time." One of these things will hopefully be sewing. I have a few projects worth of fabric in my room and am determined to do those projects before I buy anything else...we'll see how that goes! One project was to make a few more reusable is one. I LOVE this yellow and green fabric with the white. Very summer but not too loud/bright. I think the blue handle was the right choice!

The bag. It is pretty big...

Inside the bag.

I tried a new "stich". I need to work on it. I tried to do this in one continual motion but that meant sometimes I had to dew backyard for one (or two) of the sides...but for the first time I'd say it looks okay. Definitely something I want to perfect (eventually)...

I have at least two more bags I'm going to make out of this fabric...maybe I'll send one to you ;-)

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