Wednesday, April 28, 2010

(first) stackable cake...

Last week I made a cake for the end of secretaries week for our awesome secretaries Margaret and Michelle. It happened to coinside with my last lesson of this cake I killed to birds with one stone. Well really, satisfied to needs with one cake :) I made my first homemade chocolate cake using Martha's One Bowl Chocolate Cake recipe. While I am not a fan of chocolate was a HUGE hit. I filled it with starwberry filling. Here are the pictures!

new way of frosting. just pipe it on!!! so easy and even.

crumb coat.

homemade fondant. yummy and pretty! and really easy to work with *surprisingly

both tiers covered. found out the next day I shouldn't have put them in the freezer...

stacked. the long dowel was to keep it from falling over in the car...

since I am not good at freehand artwork...i traced :)

paw print on. now to cover up the cracks...look at the where the red icing is...

decorating in class :)

fully decorated. simple yet fun.

it is totally leaning to the left...whoops!

@ work setting up.

helping to decorate the table.
every friday a different team is in charge of snacks. it is great!!!

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